What's Left Inside

by Wrong Idea

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Recorded and mixed by Taylor Young at the Pit, May 2013.
Mastered by Brad Boatright (Audio Siege).


released August 19, 2013



all rights reserved


Wrong Idea Tucson, Arizona

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Track Name: Wrong Idea
Thing have changed, that's for sure
Running around like you own the show
Flex your muscles, somewhere else
Quit acting like you've got something to prove

No matter how hard you try
You'll never make up for living a lie
A constant struggle that you can't win

You've got the wrong idea
Track Name: Live For Yourself
Hate, fuels your every move
Does it really matter what life others pursue?
Is it fear of change? Or insecurity?

You say live by a guide
I say live for yourself

Won't breed more hate
Struggle to live in this world you create
Are you standing for something?
Or are you standing for nothing?

You say live by a guide
I say live for yourself
Track Name: All Ages
What makes you think I need your guidance?
You fell off, and went unnoticed
Back to tell others how things should be
But no one feels what you say
Because you're lost at sea

Always complaining
About how things have changed
So irrelevant and you changed your ways
But i'm here to stay, don't need your permission
I know who I am, and that's enough for me

All Ages
Track Name: Slip
Gave you a chance to prove that you're something more
Only time would tell that you're just like before
A hypocrit who crams down others throats
Your ideals and morals, that you don't follow

The way that you act
I won't stand for it

The things that you say
I won't stand for them

I know you can't understand
That the shit that you say will come back in the end
You're falling out and you better get a grip
cause i'm sick and tired of watching you slip
Track Name: Whats Left Inside
The feeling inside
It's something I can't explain
A place to belong
Something to wear with pride

You'll never know and that's okay
What this is to me, something i'll never hide

Never fit in with other crowds
Looked down upon and shut out

Never submitting to society's norms
I know, what's left inside

Never submitting to society's norms
I'll stay on the edge, i'll weather the storm
Be yourself, I've made the change
I'll stay true to what I set out to be

I'll never change, I won't give up
And that's me.